FROM CANCER TO WELLNESS – The 6 Steps To Healing @ Cansurvive Research Centre
May 2 @ 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

We warmly invite you to meet with Kristine Matheson, cancer survivor & best-selling author, our highly informative speaker at the next Cansurvive Support Group meeting on Wednesday, May 2nd (10am to 12.30pm).

Kristine Matheson believes that the journey to wellness should focus on bringing the body back to an alkaline state. In her case, this meant ditching alcohol, meat, dairy and sugar. In fact, she says that alkalising the body is the cornerstone of her anti-cancer program.

Her acclaimed book “From Cancer To Wellness – the forgotten secrets” features her own challenging personal story and is inclusive of many wonderful recipes. Most of the recipes featured in her book are based on raw food and no, they are not boring!

“From Cancer To Wellness” is a great read and certainly both informative & supportive for anyone challenged by cancer. As Kristine says “If you are not alkaline, you will get sick. If you are alkaline, you will get well”. She herself is living proof of this statement.

Kristine runs highly popular workshops across Australia which are both well attended and appreciated by many.

Let’s give her a very warm welcome and our sincere thanks for graciously donating her time & expertise to the Cansurvive Support Group. We hope you will be able to join us on Wednesday, 2nd May (10am until 12.30pm)!

Support Group meetings are held at the CANSURVIVE CENTRE, 69 Park Road, Nambour (parking in the grounds).
Phone: (07) 5441 5730

The Cansurvive Centre offers a wide range of supportive information available through our extensive library, educational seminars & workshops as well as invited guest speakers, Wi-Fi access, Doctor and Naturopath listings, the supportive Cansurvive Magazine, speciality shop and much more.
Support Groups are donation only and inclusive of morning tea