Cancer Defeated – An Integrated Approach to Health and Wholeness




Despite what many medical authorities say; Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy are not your only hope for cancer survival.

In 2006, Phillip Hulme (a retired psychologist and Christian minister), was simultaneously diagnosed with throat, bowel and kidney cancer. After numerous operations, and against the advice of his doctors, he refused all chemotherapy and radiation therapy and is now completely healed.

In his own words “In late 2006 I was diagnosed with heart and blood problems which led to the discovery of three different cancers – bowel, throat and kidney. Nine years later I am cancer free without resorting to chemotherapy or ray therapy. You can read how I did it in my book “Cancer Defeated” which presents an integrated approach to health and healing.” 

His is an amazing story that brings hope to all who read it.

“Phillip Hulme has lived, worked with and survived triple cancer. In his book he encourages us to make good medical and life choices. You will find no phony quick fixes here. A highly recommended read.” – Psychotherapist Barry Farrin, B.S.Sc., Grad. Dip. Couns., M. App. Sc., M.A.C.W.A.