Inner Glow pH Test Kit


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Find out how a simple pH test can determine your pH in only 10 seconds.

What is pH?

pH means ‘potential hydrogen’. In a healthy state, our bodies are alkaline. Stressful lifestyle and poor eating habits mean that we become acidic and our bodies struggle to buffer the acid load, leading to chronic acidity and health issues.

Most of us are aware how important soil pH is for plants to thrive, or if the pH of a swimming pool is not balanced then keeping the water clean and free of bacteria is virtually impossible.

The same importance of pH is found in the human body, yet most individuals have no idea what it is or how to regulate it.

The pH scale of our litmus paper covers a range of 5.5 to 8.0 with 7.2 being an ideal pH reading. It is important not to be too alkaline or too acidic.

There are many ways to boost your pH and a popular product that we have available is Ocean Milk Coral Calcium. If you have an issue with a very acidic reading, you may call us for support to help your body to become alkaline.