Elizabeth Fekonia

Elizabeth specializes in Fermented Foods and natural methods creating zillions of lactic bacteria – a wonderful source of pro-biotics for inner health. Phone (0432) 180 523        

Jillian Exton

Author of “What’s Your Plan?” and a wonderful source of information on natural supplements to prevent & treat side effects from Chemo & Radiotherapy Phone (0411) 246 133

Dr Sally James – PhD, Clinical Psychologist, MAPS

Sally has had many years of experience in the field as a Clinical Psychologist, helping with the connection between the brain & the immune system as well as the power of  the mind and how it can play a major roll in healing. Phone: (0400) 722 039    

Vicki Doolan

Vicki is a qualified Natural Juice Therapist, offering invaluable advice to the cancer patient on “Why Juice?” and how it supports you on the journey to healing. www.thejuicetherapist.com.au         Phone (0409) 526 982  

Beren Coulthard – B.Sc. (Psychology), Counsellor, Enneagram Teacher & Spiritual Director 

Who are you? What makes you tick? The answers are in the Enneagram – an amazing tool for self-diagnosis & empowering the healing journey! Beren is passionate about the Enneagram and has trained under both David Daniels, clinical professor of psychiatry at Stanford University, and Helen Palmer, a world-leading authority on this subject. Phone: (07)…

Kisane Appleby

An international holistic health speaker, raw food chef, yoga instructor, writer and essential oil advocate providing a wonderful insight into healthy raw food and its healing qualities. www.realisticallyrawyou.com

Alex Penhaligon – Acupuncturist and Healer

Alex is well known in the field of cancer  support, she has a background in nursing and psychotherapy, with many years experience as a, Homoeopath, and Chinese medicine. Registered Acupuncturist and  Spiritual Healer. Buderim Clinic: 07:54765889  

Connie Page – Herbal Medicine

Connie is a well known herbal medicine practitioner with years of experience both here and in the UK. Connie has a practical interest in cancer support including nutrition & diet, mind & body therapies. www.conniepage.com.au  Phone (0408) 185 975  

Benedict Freudenmann

Benedict has spent considerable time at Germany’s well-known Arcadia Clinic. He is well versed in their holistic based therapies particularly in relation to gut health, diet & nutrition etc. www.learntonourish.com  

The Venerable Tenzin Namdag

Namdag is a much-loved Buddhist nun who can guide you through the practice of meditation to enable a better understanding of the body’s amazing ability to heal itself. Phone (0429) 024 339

Dr Eddie Osborne G.P.

Dr Eddie is a mainstream medical doctor and general practitioner with a strong focus on an integrative, holistic health approach to healing. Dr Eddie works in the MOOLOOLABA area. Phone (07) 5450 0151

Lesley Carter

Lesley is an experienced practitioner of LYMPHATIC MASSAGE with a wealth of knowledge in her field. She has supported many cancer patients on their healing journey. Phone (0403) 647 754  

Rob Tonge

Rob Tonge is Co-convenor of the Sunshine Coast Prostate Cancer Support Group.  The largest Prostate Cancer support  group in the Qld area.  He has worked hard to help build credibility within the medical profession and the hospital. Ph:54461318                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Howard Toose – Author

Howard’s healing journey to visit John of God in Brazil turned his life around and he now supports others wishing to visit the Casa De Dom Inacia in Brazil. Phone: (0408) 289 351

Georgia Bailey – THE BIG HOUSE Retreat

Healing the Cause, wellness is an inside job.  Georgia focuses on a safe nurturing space where hearts can heal and souls can emerge.  Helping to recharge your mind, body and spirit. Ph: 0447290900

Chiho Kagawa & Philip Foote – Armonica Sound Healing

Chiho and Phil are masters of their craft.   Their music and chanting is deeply healing and touches the heart of everyone present. They have shared their music and sound for meditation throughout Australia, performing at temples, shrines, yoga studios and festivals in Japan, Bali and Australia. www.armonicasoundhealing.com/chiho.html

Melanie & Steve Knapes

Melanie and Steve can guide you through the maze of information and aspects regarding Medicinal Cannabis and Medicinal Cannabis oil offering an overview of its many healing qualities. Cannopathy – Phone: : (07) 5478 5957

Melanie Eager Msc

Melanie is a nutrition and wellness coach specialising in genetics health coaching. With two science degrees from London University and a health science career spanning nearly two decades, Melanie unites science with holistic health and complimentary therapies to ensure you have the best tools to achieve optimal health.  Melanie teaches people that our genes do…