The David Hurst Column

Using the Moment

The history of Man is filled with accounts of God speaking to prophets, sages, seers and Holy men. If mankind could hear God in the past, why not now? We all have the equipment to tune into God and receive revelations, wisdom, instincts, intuitions or an overwhelming knowingness, but we don’t make the effort to listen. The wonder is that it is so simple. Try taking a few moments, maybe only a single minute, every hour of the day to turn off the transmitter of your mind and put it into reception. Make a statement of intent such as, ‘I wish to listen to God. Speak to me, and speak alone’, then be receptive.

So many people have golden opportunities to listen to God. Imagine! Sick people, lying in bed, tuning in to television. ‘Well’, we say, ‘It takes their mind off their illness’. Amazing! Television or God; and we choose the telly. Letting the moment slip away. Of course, it would help if we became aware of the choice.

Prisons are like up-market monasteries. Prisoners get three meals a day. Orthodox Buddhists get one every twenty four hours. Prisoners sleep on beds, monks sleep on the floor. In a fairly crowded and busy monastery, one of the great joys is to finish one’s chores and slip into the solitary peacefulness of your own small room and meditate. In prison this is called ‘solitary confinement’. What an opportunity to shut-up and listen. To ‘shut-up’ is to stop the endless flow of the hundreds and hundreds of words and thoughts that flow through your head every hour.

Tune in to the present moment. Be alive and totally aware in this present moment. Keep your eyes open and be fully aware of the next five passages of breath as you experience them at the tip of your nostrils and the rise and fall of your chest. Be aware without allowing one word to enter your head. Not even the words, ‘One. two…etc. Then begin to listen. If you prefer, you can do this with the eyes closed.

It is very easy to find that inner tranquility. Some say it is difficult, but the only difficulty is your BELIEF that it is. We do create our own realities, you know.

It is easier to meditate in a group. When we meditate we produce a very slow electro-magnetic frequency known as an alpha-wave. In a group this frequency is shared and it becomes more powerful. That is when real magic can happen. If the intention of the group is to hear and feel God, the connection is made easier. This is not to say that you cannot make the connection in solitude. History tells us otherwise. Perhaps you will make the effort and nothing seems to happen.

That night you will go to bed full of anxiety and fears. In the morning your problems may not be solved but you will face the day with a new-found courage. During the sleep-state when the monkey-mind had stopped its chattering, the connection was made. The more you practice, the faster it occurs. Doubt is replaced by confidence, and confidence is another word for faith.