Cancer Survivor – KOKODA TREK

76 year old Jo Harcourt is an amazing woman, She is a cancer survivor extraordinaire.
Last year she completed a gruelling trek through some of the toughest terrain imaginable, the””Kokoda Trail”. Quite a lady. And one of the eldest to have ever tackled this trek.

Her amazing achievement would be daunting to some one half her age.

A diagnoses of breast cancer a few years ago catapulted Jo into researching her options and making personal choices towards her recovery. She chose to side step Chemo and radiation treatment, instead she, made positive changes to her diet, low in carbs, very low in sugar, regular walking including an
extensive exercise regime.

Jo is well today. Her comments are ” If Lance Armstrong can win the Tour De France and recover from his cancer challenge , then I can push myself to the limit to walk the Kokoda Track, and what’s more, gain much from the experience”

For a detailed travel log of the Kokoda Trail journey Contact: Jo Harcourt 0754422633 or 0427455611