Dr Ruth Cilento, MB, BS, DBM, DAc – Cansurvive Patron Healing Cancer In todays World

Dr Cilento’s discussion of the cancer virus, and subsequent treatment through auto-vaccines is put almost nonchalantly as if this is an accepted viewpoint. She is persuasive in urging the orthodox medical practitioners to look beyond orthodox medicine. For most of us, it is a revelation. Once again her statements are backed up by research, with acknowledgement of the many other doctors, scientists and researchers who have spent their life studying the cancer virus.

Moving from research to practicalities, Dr Cilento gives an outline of her “Survival Plan”, describing and explaining the foods that can promote cancer; likewise listing and explaining the cancer protecting foods; emphasising the importance of juices; and giving a list of suggested nutritional supplements with their
common food sources. Her complete dietary and nutritional program is placed in the context of conventional medical treatment with comments on the place and efffectiveness of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. It is a guide by itself for those confused bv contradictory advice.

Her book, “Heal Cancer” is not just another anti-cancer diet book. It is a fascinating, true detective story and a scholarly yet practical survey that gives us clear guidelines for healing. It outlines some of the most successful treatments used by dedicated scientists of the past, Dr Ruth Cilento has discovered the connecting paths of recent research that lead to the actual cause of cancer.

We can no longer pretend that the cause is unknown when we follow the torturous paths to healing she so clearly maps out and substantiates. This is not alternative medicine, it is the basic physiological way to go. She teaches why cancer happens, how it happens and what methods help the body, mind and spirit to fight it.

In her holistic menu, Dr Cilento has presented the many courses available to us all. Jam-packed with a feast of vital recipes from her superbly detailed case histories that thousands of patients records and research has provided, Dr Cilento has given us choices in easily digested food for thought. It could be your menu for survival.

CANSURVIVE: Dr Cilento’s Books can be bought from the Cansurvive shop. These books are a must read for the healing journey.