Easy Healthy Lemonade





Half a lemon

Tablespoon of raw honey or agave nectar

Natural sparkling water


How to make:


  1. Juice the lemon
  2. Mix the lemon and honey
  3. Add the sparkling water, or use still if you prefer
  4. Serve over ice


Benefits of lemon juice


Many of the benefits of lemons are lost or reduced if lemons are heated, so for maximum benefits eat or drink them fresh and raw!  The many benefits of raw lemons includes:

Richest source of vitamin C of all the citrus fruits.  Naturally antiseptic and anti-bacterial.  Cleans the blood.  Strengthens weak blood vessels.  Home remedy for colds and flu, sore throats, coughs, asthma and bronchitis.  Rich in bioflavonoid.

Lemon juice is an excellent anti-oxidant, and as part of a healthy diet will help protect against heart disease, cancer, viruses and allergies.

Caution:  Although lemon juice is highly beneficial it is not advisable to take lemon juice if your stomach or intestines are inflamed.