Klinik St. George Dr. Douwes Rosenheimer Str. 6 – 8 83043 Bad Aibling, Germany

St. George Hospital is sited in the middle of Bad Aibling-approximately 45 minutes from Munich International Airport and lies halfway between Munich and Salzburg in the Bavarian Alps.
Hypothermia is one of the hospital’s main parts of their integrative cancer therapy concept. Hyperthermia (overheating) is a particularly mild, gentle but nevertheless effective method to treat cancer in all stages.
Through heat:
-Cancer cells and cancer tissue is selectively damaged
-The blood supply of the cancer tissue is disturbed so that it becomes hypoxic
-Specific immunological defence mechanisms against tumour cells are activated

  • Several forms of hyperthermia are available at St. George Hospital:
    Loco-Regional Hyperthermia:Deep Hyperthermia is indicated with gynaecological tumours as breast-, uterus– and cervix cancer or lung-, liver-, stomach– or colon cancer as well as brain tumours, lymph node ,metastases or locally limited malignant lymphomas and sarcomas.
  • Surface Hyperthermia is indicated with various skin metastases of other primary tumours.
    Systemic Whole-Body Hyperthermia:
    It is indicated for cancer patients in advanced stages, for example pulmonary-, liver-, bone– and bone marrow metastases and for systemic malignant lymphomas and sarcomas.
  • Prostate Hyperthermia:
    A very special form of hyperthermia. It is indicated for: prostate inflammation (prostatitis); benign prostate enlargement or hyperplasia (BPH); prostate cancer.


CANSURVIVE: The Klinik St George has a good reputation and for some, great results. Can prove to be expensive. Make sure you know the costing before embarking on this journey