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Gumby Gumby has a long history of use in traditional Australian aboriginal bush remedies.

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Long before modern pharmaceutical medicine was around people of all nations, religions and cultures held sacred (not secret) information on naturally occurring plants, compounds and other important aspects which they used for food, medicine and spiritual practice. The same was true about those things that should be only used in certain circumstances or those things that should be avoided all together. Often, in fact, the way a remedy was prepared and even consumed or applied was just as important as knowing where to find the product in the first place.

With some of the bush remedies still in use today, it is important to know which species of plant are correct, which should be avoided and more so, how best to prepare, take or apply the remedy in the most safe and efficacious manner.

We encourage you to do your own research where necessary to make for a better understanding of the potentials available to you.

Gumby Gumby (Pittosporum angustifolium), A Traditional Aboriginal Bush Remedy.

The word Gumby Gumby is a Parmanyungan word meaning Medicine Plant, a word which belongs to the original custodians of traditional Bush Medicine.

For more information please refer to the medical research at

From the Griffith University Research Paper on Gumby Gumby (Pittosporurm Phillyraoiedes or Angustifolium). This significant statement is on Page 9 of that detailed study. “P. phylliraeoides is reported to contain a number of pentacyclic triterpenoid saponogenins. In particular, phillyregenin (a dihydroxylactone), R1-barrigenol, 27 – desoxyphillyrigenin (3fl -hydroxytaraxastan – 28, 20fl – olide), 23 – hydroxyphillyrigenin (3fl, 23, 27- trihydroxytaraxastan – 28,20fl – olide), dihydropriverogenin A, 16 – desoxybarringtogenol C and barringtogenol C, were isolated from P. phylliraeoides and identified in this study. Similar pentacyclic triterpenoids isolated from Alchornea latifolia have been linked with cytotoxic activity towards Hep-G2 and A-431 human cancer cell lines and are potent inhibitors of topoisomerase II. Pentacyclic triterpenoids have also been associated with antitumor, anti-HIV and antioxidant bioactivities.

Additionally, pentacyclic triterpenoids from LaGumby Gumbyera pterodonta have shown antiviral activity against herpes viruses. Studies have also demonstrated the antibacterial activity of pentacyclic triterpenoids from a variety of plants.”

What is really exciting in this research, is that the way Gumby Gumby works …by killing the Topoisomerase II DNA unzipper tab …by inhibiting it from unzipping and breeding more Cancerous DNA cells.

Reference: Here is the Internet link to that Griffith University Research Paper, at:

Recommended Dosage instructions are included and the price includes 100 tablets.

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