QLD Institute of Medical Research

  • Australia-first study of ovarian cancer diagnosis

    Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cause of cancer death among Australian women - with two women dying from this cancer every day. Unfortunately, by the time it is diagnosed about 75% of ovarian cancers have spread beyond the ovaries. At this advanced stage, treatment is less likely to be successful......read more >>

  • New Era of Personalised Medicine for Bowel Cancer

    Bowel cancer affects one in 23 Australians in their lifetime, and half of these patients will succumb to their disease. Chemotherapeutic options for advanced disease have expanded in recent years, however no biomarkers have been available to inform choice of therapy – until now......read more >>

  • Skin Cancer

    Australia has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. QIMR has estimated the new number of Cases of melanoma attributable to indoor tanning devises is in the range of 12-62 per year,” Dr Gordon said." Solarium users under 35 years of age showed a 98 per cent increased risk of skin cancer a major study has revealed...... read more.. >>

  • Tea Drinking

    Queensland researchers have found that ovarian cancer risk may be reduced by drinking tea regularly. Antioxidants in tea may be beneficial against this cancer. Dr Christina Nagle from QIMR said, "Our results indicate that drinking more than four cups a day of black, green or herbal tea may reduce ovarian cancer risk by almost 30%.”.... read more..>>

  • Experimental Treatment Saves Father of Four

    Professor Geoff Hill from the QIMR treated Brenden Parkes with anti-viral medication when it was found he had Human Cytomegalovirus (HCMV) , but the virus became resistant to every treatment they threw at it. The medical team extracted Brendens immune cells, cultured them in a laboratory and taught them how to fight HCMV. ......... read more >>

  • Nature Did It First

    A small regionally based Queeensland company EcoBiotics Limited, with the help of QIMR scientists, have discovered a new treatment for cancer from nature. ......... read more >>