Cancer has touched my life many times. My mother was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, when she was 83 years old. The Lymphoma was located in four areas of her body and was treated with Chemotherapy.

My sisters and I nursed mum for 18months, we expected her to get better but sadly she passed away on Christmas Day. I lost a lifetime friend and confidante, Joan to cancer. My dear friend Sally and I worked for the “Pink Ladies” to raise funds for Tasmania’s first Dragon Boat. Sally was carer for her daughter who had breast cancer. Sally has now been diagnosed breast cancer.

My life had become very stressful; my daughter’s being in businesses, marriage problems and the sale of my business. I was feeling quite unwell and consulted 3 different doctors at my local clinic to test me for Lymphoma/cancer? Unfortunately I was told Government resources didn’t stretch far enough to test people simply because they wanted to be tested, it was insinuated that my illness was in my head.

I continued to feel unwell and get even more tired. My dear friend Hazel invited me to Queensland to stay with her until I felt better. The day before I was due to return to Tasmania, I made a spur of the moment decision and purchased a house. A decision I have not regretted; a decision which saved my life.

I returned to Tasmania and packed up the house, sailed to Sydney and from Sydney I drove to Upper Caboolture, arriving absolutely exhausted. I blamed Queensland’s warmer weather and the extra exertion of the packing on my tiredness.

5 weeks later I had a bladder infection. On being examined by the doctor he ordered a C.T. scan, the results revealed I had Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. When I received this news I said; “I guessed as much because that was what my Mother had.” Eight days in hospital ensued followed by Chemotherapy for the next 6 months!

The next few months were terrible; I caught the train into the Wesley hospital for all day sessions of Chemotherapy and returned on the train; petrified I might catch a germ on the way home, and feeling so sick. The next 5 days I would be as “high as a kite”, then sleep for 5 days and then spiral down as low as one can go for the next 5 days. I certainly wished I had family around me now.

Somehow I made it to the Supermarket to buy food; hanging on to the trolley for dear life, in case I had a “wobbly”.

I was fortunate though to have made some truly wonderful friends in my street; My next door neighbour Jean has always been there if I needed help and we had a common interest in painting, and 2 doors up lived a couple who both worked in hospitals and came to my aid when I needed injections for my white blood cells; my white blood cells at this time were down to 2.3%, they should be around 6%. The doctor’s were trying to take Stem Cells, in case the Cancer came back but after 3 attempts it remained unsuccessful.

I was given a book called “You Can Heal Your Life” written by Louise Hay, the book gave me a more positive attitude and was just what I needed at that time; I decided I’d had enough! No more drugs, I was to go “a`la natural.” As far as I was concerned I was healed…..on with life!

My chiropractor gave me a magazine called “Cansurvive” she had picked up at the Forest Glen Organic Shop. Hungry for information and support I joined Cansurvive immediately and attended the support meetings at Cansurvive. I met Merv at one of the meetings; Merv was in remission from the same form of cancer as I had. I am really grateful to Merv for the advice he passed on to me with regard to what he is doing to stay in remission and what books to read, and to Cansurvive for the valuable resources in their library and to the many informative speakers at the meetings I changed my diet to include more fresh fruit, vegetables, organic chicken and fish; I eliminated red meat and drank lots and lots of water.

Approximately 18 months I found that the Cancer was back.

My two daughters in Tasmania thought I should go back to Tasmania and booked an appointment for me to see a professor of Oncology on the 5th of December, I endured the usual tests and also flew to Melbourne for a PET scan, which showed I had cancer in the bowel as well….another shock!

My daughters were informed of what I would have to endure with the Chemotherapy treatment that was advised for me. I returned to Queensland with the intention of selling the house and to return to Tasmania for the Chemotherapy treatments.

During the 3 weeks I was in Queensland, I was very fortunate to meet the man who is now treating me, Rod Kemp. Rod is a Naturopath, Iridologist, Kinesiologist, and Chinese Medicines and also works with a Scalar Machine from which I receive treatments. Rod asked me to give him 3 months to see what he could do for my health, I agreed immediately.

After the 3months I was to fly back to Tasmania to see the Professor as he wanted to perform a colonoscopy to see if it was possible to cut the cancer out of the bowel. The results of the colonoscopy revealed no trace of cancer in the bowel. Yippee!

The lump I had in my abdomen which was about the size of a small orange was examined by the Professor and to his surprise the lump had diminished to the size of a walnut. I have received further treatments from Rod and can no longer feel a lump! My health has improved so much it is incredible. I cannot speak more highly of Rod’s treatment and the knowledge and work that he does for Natural Health. If only people would believe in some of the natural health that is available.

I have Rod Kemp to thank for yet another go at life…..Thank You.

Shirley Pearton can be contacted on 07 5432 4484 or through Cansurvive.