The philosophies of The Gawler Foundation are based on the healing experience of Dr Ian Gawler and the experiences and feedback of thousands of patients and their families. Their support programs offer a combination of lifestyle-based self help techniques and holistic approaches to healing that are second to none and unique in the world.
The Gawler Foundation was established in 1983 as a non-profit, non-denominational organisation to provide innovative and integrated support and lifestyle programs for people affected by cancer and other illnesses.
The Foundation’s underlying philosophy is that regaining balance in one’s life leads to healing. Consistent with the principles of integrated medicine, Gawler Foundation programs apply a self-help approach designed to improve both quantity and quality of life. This enables participants to make informed, effective choices and better manage their own healing journeys.
The Foundation remains responsive to new research, experience and changing needs of the people who access our programs and has helped thousands of people affected by cancer, including their families, carers and friends

CANSURVIVE:- This has proved to be a wonderfully supportive course for the cancer patient to embrace when faced with the challenge of cancer.