Since 1963, this clinic has provided Hoxsey therapy. It was one of the first alternative cancer facilities in Mexico. Mildred Nelson, who was Harry Hoxsey’s chief nurse at the Hoxsey Clinic in Dallas until he left clinical practice, carried on the therapy in Mexico until her death in 1999. Her sister now runs the clinic.
The phrase alternative therapy is used to describe a wide range of treatments which, generally, are not
available from conventional doctors. In the treatment of cancer, conventional medicine includes surgery, chemotherapy (the use of drugs), and radiation. By contrast, alternative therapy includes nutritional supplements, enzymes, diet, detoxification, change in life style, stress control, prevention, and biofeedback.

The immune system is the body’s front-line defense against cancer. Although there have been some notable improvements in chemotherapy and radiation technologies, these approaches impact the immune system and many believe they can actually cause cancer if one does not detoxify the body and rebuild the immune system after these approaches are used. Typically nutritional supplementation and other forms of alternative therapy help to strengthen the immune system and help the body to overcome cancer.

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