Defeat Cancer – like I did TWICE!!


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DEFEAT CANCER – like I did TWICE!!!!

Natural therapies alone – I have never received chemotherapy or radiation treatment – saved me from terminal double melanoma, diagnosed in April 2003, and bowel cancer diagnosed in June 2008.  I am cancer free today.

I have experienced an amazing ten year journey with cancer.  I defeated two cancers which are normally very difficult to overcome.  In late 2007, I self published my first book “Join our Escape from Death Row – Cancer Jail”.  Subsequent testimonials told me it enabled numerous people to defeat their cancers.

This book is my legacy.  It is the culmination of ten years of narrow focus research to find ‘weapons’ from Mother Nature that will savagely attack cancer.  The good news is that Mother Nature provides a great number of these.

The Technology of Mother Nature is far superior to the Medeicne of Scientists