By Elaine Hollingsworth

A Hard hitting DVD on the subject of cancer treatments with particular reference to the use of Aldara and the unpalatable side effects that are caused.

Learn how to make a particular salve that has had amazing results with cancer.

Elaine is a great presenter and covers many areas that would be of considerable interest to the cancer patient. The DVD "One Answer to Cancer”covers many areas:

Act1: Murder by Medicine Act 2: A Few Aldara Victims Act 3: The fix was in Act 4: The Crusade Act 5: The Magic Bullet? Act 6: Internal Cancers Act 7: Two Progressive Doctors Act 8: Fight Back

CANCER CONFIDENTIAL: A Comprehensive Guide to Scores of Cancer-Fighting Tools

By Professor Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB, ChB, PhD.

For those seeking some alternate thinking on the subject of cancer, this is one book to consider. It takes apart some of the statistics regarding cancer, and rebuilds them in more practical ways. 

The book proposes different ways of treating cancer over traditional therapies, in an attempt to give the cancer patient more information about treatments available to them. 

Presented in a way that is intended to educate, the book is replete with examples of what does and doesn’t work. It even attempts to provide reasoning why modern medical treatments fail to work. There is something for everybody in this book, whether you believe in alternate therapies or not. The point is to be informed and to discuss the treatment that might be right for you. 
And yet, how much you believe is up to you. After all, in its own Disclaimer, the book states it is for "...educational and entertainment purposes only”..


By Brian Scott Peskin, B.S.E.E., M.I.T. with Amid Habib, M.D., F.A.A.P., F.A.C.E

This book gives the reader one of the most important pieces of information possible: the reason cancer develops! Discovered last century, but largely ignored due to a lack of understanding, its rediscovery is set to revolutionise the way people view cancer.

The text provides details of the origin of the research that has been undertaken for this publication, and why so many other scientists fail to discover any worthwhile results. 

It is all about the way we view how cancer is caused, and how it acts within our bodies. The book is written in a style easily understood by anyone. You don’t need to be a scientist to grasp its meaning. It states the facts in a way that is clear and expressive.

"Knockout – Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer, And How to Prevent Getting It In The First Place”

By Suzanne Somers

In this book, Suzanne Somers interviews doctors who are successfully using the most innovative cancer treatments that build up the body rather than tear it down. Somers herself has stared cancer in the face, and a decade later she has conquered her fear and has emerged confident with the path she’s chosen. Here she shares her personal choices and outlines an array of options from doctors across the country, including: effective alternative treatments; integrative protocols and methods for managing cancer. Since prevention is the best cure, Somers’ experts provide nutrition, lifestyle, and dietary supplementation options to help protect you from getting the disease in the first place.

Whichever path you chose, this is a must-have resource to navigate the life-and-death world of cancer and increase your odds of survival.
"Anticancer – A New Way of Life” "Anticancer – A New Way of Life”

By Dr David Servan-Schreiber.

All of us have cancer cells in our bodies. But not all of us will develop cancer.

This international bestseller examines what we can do everyday to lower our chances of ever developing the illness, and also explains what to do to increase the chances of recovery from it. Dr David Servan-Schreiber was first confronted with cancer of the brain when he was working as a medical resident, and his life changed forever. This book is the culmination of his experience in the field of cancer, as a doctor and as a patient. It is his personal story; the story of the cases he has come across; and the medical and scientific story of the disease and its mechanisms. He looks, in particular, at the relation between a body and its cancer; at the immune system; and at the roles played by environmental toxins, nutrition, emotions, and physical activity in containing cancer. 

He does not dismiss conventional medicine, nor is he anti-pharmaceutical: he empowers the reader with the understanding and the tools to tackle cancer alongside conventional treatments ; or, better yet, to help avoid cancer altogether.

"The Brain That Changes Itself”

By Norman Doidge, M.D.

Psychiatrist and researcher Norman Doidge, M.D. has written this immensely moving, inspiring book that will permanently alter the way we look at our brains, human nature, and human potential. It looks at the astonishing new scientific discovery called neuroplasticity – that the brain is not fixed and unchanging; it is, instead able to change its own structure and function, even into old age. We learn that our thoughts can switch our genes on and off, altering our brain anatomy. We learn how people of average intelligence can, with brain exercises, improve their cognition and perception, develop muscle strength, or learn to play a musical instrument – simply by imagining doing so. Using personal stories from the heart of the neuroplasticity revolution, Dr Doidge takes us into terrain that might seem fantastic, and into the world of the people whose lives have been transformed.

Stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of BRAIN SCIENCE.

Papaya (Paw Paw)The Medicine Tree

By Harald W. Tietze

This extremely easy to read, and understand book, is full of information about the fantastic healing properties of the Papaya Tree. Full of recipes to pleasure the taste buds, and remedies for a myrad of ailments, this is a wonderful book.

An old publication, advanced for it’s time. The author also published his book Komucha The Miracle Fungus. From Acne to Weight Loss, Papaya, when prepared accordingly can bring about startling results with painless and trouble free effort. As a cancer medicine, Papaya can claim many qualified victories, Tietze writes "You can heal every illness, but not every has to have the will to be healed.”

Papaya - The Medicine Tree puts effective home health care easily within our reach. An informative read.

Wellness East & West Achieving Optimum Health through Integrative Medicine

By Kathleen F. Phalen

Practical as well as informative, this book explores the blending of the most effective aspects of medical practices from both sides of the globe. Phalen gives case studies on survivors of Aids and Ovarian Cancer. Yoga, Guided imagery, and meditation are combined with a daily dose of medication or a weekly session of chemotherapy to provide healing beyond what western medicine can offer. Kathleen masterfully joins the hemispheres by revealing the herbs and diet to ease every-thing from the common cold to cancer. The author explains, and gives a wonderful insight to the many options to help the healing process. There is also an informative reference to further learning

This is one book that is not easy to put down
Essiac A Native Herbal Cancer Remedy

By Cynthia Olsen with contribution by Jim Chan

This book explains how a Canadian nurse Rene Caisse made a discovery that would change her life. A Native American medicine, a herbal formula which she calls Essiac. With Essiac's key ingredients now available through health food stores, this book gives a complete account of the recipe the doses and of Essiac's uses and chronicles, the experience of patients who have attained relief and regeneration from this remarkable preparation. A must read for any one travelling the cancer journey as some remarkable improvements and recovery have been documented.

An excellent book that is easy to read and digest.

Eric the Echidna Has Lost His Spikes

By Debrah Pacholke with illustrations by Mick Grace

A book for young children to help them come to terms with hair loss following cancer treatment. It follows the adventures of Eric the Echidna who loses his spikes in a big storm. With the help of his friends such as Bernie the Bowerbird, Kristy the Koala and other bush friends he manages to get a new set. On his journey he learns what it means to have friends that want to share.

A great book for young children written by someone who has experienced losing her 'spikes'


Dietary Healing - The Complete Detox Program

By Kathryn Alexander

Genuine healing programs always involve detoxification. The symptoms of disease invariably arise as an adaptation to toxic conditions within the body and all too often we end up treating the symptoms of pollution rather than resolving the pollution itself. By restoring the environment and enabling the cells to replenish with nutrients and oxygen we provide the conditions for healing to occur. 

This issue covers a range of health issues, including fertility and hormonal imbalances, arthritis, osteoporosis, autoimmune disorder, allergies, chronic fatigue, insulin resistance and diabetics, heart disease, cancer, depression and ADHD, explains their underlying causes and shows how you can tailor your own detoxification program to remove the toxic burden, restore vitality and allow the healing to begin.  

Kathryn Alexander offers practical ways to self-manage your healing and understanding your condition like a professional, by using scientific and evidence based information. A complete fortnightly menu plan with recipes is included.



Shattering the Caner Myth

By Katrina Ellis

Katrina Ellis' story is one that will amaze and encourage anyone who has found themselves affected by the harsh realities of cancer. A survivor herself and practising Naturopath for almost a decade, she writes with personal empathy and candour about her own experience of conquering cancer, and in doing so offers a perfusion of hope to her readers 
Shattering The Cancer Myth is not only a remarkable story of one woman's battle to overcome cancer but is a practical and comprehensive guide that explores the science behind orthodox treatment and how to counteract its side effects, as well as detailing complimentary treatment options, including medicinal herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet, neutraceuticals, colour and vibration therapies.

Katrina's holistic approach to healing may be the helping hand you have been searching for on your journey back to radiant health. 

This book is nothing less than a unique manual for turning one's life around with a very special bonus: this book has soul.


Meditation - an in-depth Guide

Meditation is increasingly recommended for relaxation and stress management, to enhance the relationships and wellbeing, to increase performance in sport and business, for personal growth, to transform pain and to assist healing. From two leading Western meditation teachers comes this inspiring and comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to know how to meditate well.

Ian Gawler and Paul Bedson explain how to build a satisfying meditation practice using four easy to learn steps. They also show how meditation can be used to deepen spiritual practice, whether we have committed to a particular religious tradition, or a more secular view of our spirituality.

Drawing on modern science as well as Eastern traditions and the Authors' own extensive personal experience as practitioners and teachers, this guide offers the techniques and understanding needed to explore meditation practice deeply. It is also an invaluable resource for meditation teachers from all backgrounds

A rich and skilfully nuanced introduction to the varied landscape of meditation practice and its healing and transformative potential - Jon Kabat-Zinn ( author of Arriving at Your Own Door and Letting Everyone Become Your Teacher)

Meditation Book