In July 1997 I was diagnosed with oestrogenic sarcoma, a form of bone cancer in my left femur. I was referred to the Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, where I underwent two months of chemotherapy, which caused major side effects to my body. 95 % of those two months were spent having treatment or in isolation neutrapenic, suffering from low blood counts, horrible ulcers on my body, constant nausea and vomiting.

It was obvious by October the chemotherapy could not save my leg and consequentially my left leg was amputated. Five days after the operation I resumed intensive chemotherapy until the following April. Two weeks after completing the course of chemotherapy a chest X-ray showed I had relapsed with secondary cancers in my left lung the following day I had Surgery/thorocotomy.

In July 1998 three months after the surgery, I had the first CT scan on my lungs, with the results showing I had relapsed again with multiple metastasis (cancerous nodules) throughout both lungs. Experimental chemotherapy was offered to me by the hospital but did not offer much hope as the cancer was at an advanced stage.
Reluctant to continue chemotherapy because of the severity of the side-effects and the prognosis of a 5% chance that it may work, I made the decision to cease treatment and enjoy some travelling with the minimal time I believed I had left. I researched many treatments from all around the world and discovered Microwave Therapy, practised by Dr John Holt. Finally, it was making sense, Dr John Holt’s explanation seemed to be a back to basics therapy.
Dr Holt agreed to treat me and I flew to Perth the following week. I remained in Perth throughout that August. I had one treatment per day over a period of three weeks,15 treatments in all. The treatment was completely different to what I had expected and I was thrilled to discover there were no horrible side effect as with the chemotherapy, in fact there were no side effects at all. At this stage, I wasn’t sure what to think or expect next but I had developed the attitude; that if all else failed, I had had a great holiday in Perth and a fantastic quality of life.
The treatment with Dr Holt consisted of a quick infusion of a glucose blocking agent, which acted as a mock of natural glucose, followed by a dose of insulin to lower my blood sugar, I then went under a small box, similar to the average X-ray machine. for an hour. After this treatment I was able to go and enjoy the rest of the day. The only side-effects I experienced during the fifteen treatments was slight Nausea during the first infusion, which passed in a matter of two minutes, and some tiredness.
A CT scan six weeks later showed the galaxy of smaller tumours had gone, leaving only six nodules. Fluid had not formed in the pleural areas and there was no further spread. A month later, in October, I went back to Perth for a second course of treatment. As the first time, I had an enjoyable holiday and found the treatment a breeze. By this time I was quite confident in Dr Holt and his practice. A follow-up scan in November showed there was no change since the first treatment and that the six nodules were slightly less dense.
Dr Holt reviewed all the scans and believed that the nodules had possibly calcified, as there had been no advancement. I had another scan in February and there was no change, the cancer had not spread. Dr Holt once again believed he had effectively destroyed the cancer’s energy field and that the nodules may been dead. In August 2001, three years after the first relapse, further scans showed there was no change and that the cancer had, in fact, calcified. According to those initial scans, I should be dead, yet thanks to Dr Holt, I am healthier than ever before and continuing my life with a bright and optimistic future.
After having endured the whole experience, I can only say I am appalled at the medical politics in society. We are told that we must follow conventional patterns or we will be silenced. This happened to me medical staff turned their backs on me, as I was not abiding by the age-old rules. On the other hand, some choose not to. The sad fact is that most people are made to feel threatened by anything that is not conventional and do not follow the path beyond that until it’s often too late. A large percentage of Dr Holt’s patients come to him after exhausting every other conventional avenue, when they have been told that they have no chance of survival.
I walked into the waiting room of Dr Holt’s practice with two months to live. I saw people there from all over Australia and the world, sitting there, virtually on their last legs. I saw people starting treatments in wheelchairs, and at the end of their treatment, walking out pushing their wheelchair. Amazingly.
I am proud I did not blindly accept the professional opinion of my oncologist, because I know in my heart I would not be here telling my story. I am here – and I owe it all to Dr John Holt.
Note: This article can be found on the web site relating to Dr John Holt’s Radio Wave Clinic based in Perth. W.A.